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815th anniversary event for the Riga Freeport - “Meeting in the Port”


To salute Riga Freeport on its 815th birthday, a special concert-production, awards ceremony and evening gala were all planned and held.

Illustrious periods in the port’s history were reflected in the concert-production, as well as interpersonal communication, style of dress, and the city’s cultural identity. Most of all, the show presented the multi-ethnic milieu of Riga, where a variety of styles, generations and traditions converge.

Innovative scenography was instrumental in depicting the port’s history, its major turning points. Visuals were projected not on an empty stage or white screen, but on the stage scenery, resulting in a dynamic and vivid presentation and the proper mood, according to the century or happening depicted.

The scenic design was wrought keeping in mind the symbolic meaning of a port, and its pulsating energy. Technically, the diorama principle was use, with the composition centered, to underline the basic source of the developments depicted - the human being. Front and center, in the orchestra pit, a small stream flowed - real water pumped onto the Daile Theater stage, symbolizing formation of the oceans and seas, and - bold daring.

To make the event even more meaningful, and to be able to create an everlasting keepsake for the guests, in tandem with the event, a CD was presented - “Satikšanās ostā”/”Meeting in the Port” (in Latvian and English), containing the world’s loveliest music - composed in the time span of the jubilee’s 815 years.