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ABB 20th ANNIVERSARY EVENT “ZELTA – 20” (“Golden 20”)


To strengthen the bond between the company and its clients and to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the company, a conference and an evening event was organised. A scenario, event direction and entertainment programme were readied, along with a unique musical content which was presented for the first time. In tandem., a visualisation of the entire event was provided. Decorations were built specifically for this event.

Special music selection was compiled of the world’s 20 best songs written in the last 20 years. The CD served both as an invitation and unique gift for the guests. Apart from the CD, a special photo album was  added where company employees are seen as fashion models, creating ingenious  visualisation by participating in a team building project.

As a result, a unique project for 700 people from 15 countries was created; the company recognised it to be the best event so far experienced.