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Annual Award in Design, 2015 ceremony

Client:Latvian Association of Designers

To single out the greatest achievement in design in Latvia last year, and to acknowledge the top artists and to create deserved publicity for the highest quality works, the “Annual Award in Design” awards ceremony was held. The best of the best designers, scenic designers and artists were lauded, and all contenders had previously submitted their works for consideration in the categories: Interior Design, Industrial Design, Fashion/Textile, Graphics, Photo Design. Designers could also compete in the thematic contest called“Lai ripo!”/”Let ‘er Roll!”.

A record number of works were submitted, and the competition commenced parallel to the exhibition “Design Isle 2015”. A live video feed was set up, and select footage shown, and - a unique catalog released with every single work entered the competition featured separately with visuals and text.

The event - organized by LUKA Agency, was deemed the “best ever” Annual Award in Design Ceremony by the guests and the jury members alike.