We do it with passion or not at all

Illusion Theater and Museum

Our goal is to create a space where families can congregate again, a place where to daydream and experience the feeling of "Magic". 

With a passion for History of performing arts (we created the free web page www.historyofbubbles.com ) and with a strong background as performers we strongly believe that there will be still need of place where to daydream and bring back the atmosphere of the "Old days" and funfairs with an eye to the educational aspect.

The Museum will host our collection with magic props and poster that date back to the XVIII century as well as an interactive and learning part which will give the feeling that all is possible and leave everyone amazed and amused.

At the same time the Theater/Performing space will host our collection of antique poster and will be organized so that chairs will be removable, in a way that as a full open space will have the possibility to be used in a multiple way, including for the organization of educational projects of performing arts.