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SOCIAL CAMPAIGN “AKNEI – NĒ” (“Say “No” to Acne”)



Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania


Inform the primary target audience – teenagers and their parents – about acne, the ways to diagnose and treat it, by encouraging seeing a doctor in due time.


Statistical data suggest that more than 700,000 teenagers in the Baltics suffer from acne. Furthermore, in the age group under 21, the proportion of those with acne reaches up to 80 – 90%. This illness is still neglected and not considered as such by the public; there are persistent myths that acne is a temporary malady that does not need treatment. As a result, acne is neglected, leading to chronic pathology and scarring of the skin.

To change the current situation, a campaign was developed, involving all three Baltic  States. As a part of this integrated communication campaign, information, audio and printed advertisements, as well as the website of the campaign were created and distributed. There were also special activities -  a series of seminars and direct discussions with the target audience.


The campaign promoted successful cooperation with dermatologists and proper institutions in the Baltics. The campaign was completed successfully, churning up  great publicity and involvement of the public.