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“Latvian School Bag” opening event “100 Latvian Stories in 100 Minutes”

“Latvian School Bag” opening event “100 Latvian Stories in 100 Minutes” at Arena Riga gathered together 6000 students from 110 Latvian regions. The event illustrated Latvian history, culture, traditions and values from a contemporary perspective and encouraged everyone towards continuous self-development and inner growth, and by so doing creating the future of Latvia. Simultaneously, the aim was in a creative way to introduce Latvian culture, history and art to the Latvian youth and demonstrate that Latvia is a land full of opportunities and creativity, where everyone can fulfill their ideas and dreams, regardless of the background or social status. 

“100 Latvian Stories in 100 Minutes” event was awarded in 5 categories and accorded the title of “Best Concert in the world” on a global level in the prestigious Eventex Awards competition. Within the event industry the Eventex Awards is considered to be as significant as the Oscars is in the film industry.