We do it with passion or not at all

Research Latvia

The strength of Latvia is its people,
And their knowledge is our value!

Creation of new knowledge and the capability to apply it wisely is crucial to foster a highly developed society in Latvia.

Researchers with their relentless curiosity, continuous interest, passion and ambition are an essential part in developing a knowledge culture.

The accumulated knowledge shapes our worldviews and stimulates continuous personal and societal development.
Science creates, surprises and moves us forward.
Science in its creativity is like art that focuses on details, aims to understand the complicated, and encourages to think and talk about urgent issues, to create lasting values and new solutions.
Our researchers are the driving force behind development for better life who seek answers for tomorrow’s questions at internationally competitive universities, excellent scientific institutes and innovative businesses in Latvia and beyond.
Knowing! It is in Latvia’s nature.
Science is a process of exploration, a way of life, a driving force of humanity, a complex set of elements and a dynamic phenomenon that allows us to be excited about the world in all its beauty.
12 personalities. 12 researchers who carry Latvia’s name in the world and inspire for creation.
12 stories that illuminate the outstanding and innovative research done in various fields of science.