We do it with passion or not at all

Event "The Heartbeats"

The idea of the event was aimed to embody the core values of the company and integration of these values in the concept and activities of the event, emphasizing that the people is what matters most for the company.  

The aim of the event was not just to improve the communication,  to increase the trust and to consolidate the employees, but also create an emotionally rich experience, starting long before the day of the event, where the activities help to build a common story of company’s values.  

Besides, the idea of the event was to encourage the consolidation of the team through emotionally uniting, untraditional activities, including but not limiting to sports games. 

The implementation of the project consisted of thorough elaboration of the idea, concept and script, adding disciplines of the games and detailed schedule as well as different complex artistic and technical solutions, including multimedia show; all activities were duly provided allowing to achieve the planned goal and highest evaluation from the customer and employees, namely, the title of the most exciting and best organized corporative sports games in the history of the company.