Event planning

To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream. Not only plan but also believe.

Anatole France
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There are thousands of things to think of when you plan an event, and many of them can fail if event planning is not your forte or vocation.

Our agency is a professional company, specialising not only in event planning, but also in communication services: we will be able not only to create unforgettable moments and feelings in a memorable event, but also make sure that the event brings about the corporate objectives of a company or organisation, boosting the client and employee loyalty towards the company, its brand or management.

Thanks to our considerable experience in corporate, public and private events, we can ensure broad publicity for the planned event, allowing the client or its product to claim a stake on the market or boost its visibility.
We offer:
• various event and presentation planning;
• event concept, original idea and scenario development;
• event management;
• selection of event venues (including unusual ones);
• development of entertaining programme;
• stage, sound and light management;
• audio-visual solutions for events;
• involvement of hosts, artists, musicians and caterers;
• printing services;
• inviting original and bright personalities as guests;
• building stage scenery;
• event publicity etc.